Who are UBC’s female student engineering leaders today?

UBC Engineering trains women to be leaders, and provides opportunities throughout a student’s academic career to take leadership roles both in the classroom and beyond it.

Faculty Role Models

Professor, Mechanical Engineering
The Next 100 Years according to Elizabeth, on biorobotics, human-robot teams, and a cyborg workforce

Instructor, Mechanical Engineering
Agnes’ area of technical specialization is human joint biomechanics and how they are affected by physical disorders and treatments such as surgery.

Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering
Heather creates the technology to turn trees into a renewable source of all kinds of materials and products, making them at least as versatile as non-renewable oil.

The Next Generation of Leaders

BASc '15, Mechanical Engineering
Andrea has established a successful start-up company, Awake Labs, that produces a device which helps parents of children on the autism spectrum anticipate and prevent emotional meltdowns before they start.

MASc '07, Electrical Engineering
Sarah became a program manager for engineering and logistics projects with the International Committee of the Red Cross

BASc ’92, PhD ’00 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Amiee is President and CEO of Norsat International, a communications company, but she continues to push for greater gender parity in the engineering and business worlds