Engineering is one of the most diverse and interesting disciplines available to students interested in pursuing a university degree.

With a degree in engineering, you can design the latest biomedical devices that will transform health care, develop clean water drinking systems that can save millions of people’s lives in underresourced communities, assist in disaster areas to restore key infrastructure: with an engineering degree, you can make a difference.

Explore all the opportunities available to you below.

EngineerGirl: a guide for you in all things engineering – including engineering fields, like biomedical engineering, what education you need, the type of lifestyle, skills key to the area.

Sokanu: Your guide to all careers engineering. Learn about every kind of engineering, how to pursue it, and the local job prospects.

Tomorrow’s Engineers: What is engineering? Engineers shape the world we live in, by designing, creating, testing, and improving almost every product or process you can think of.

Career videos: WISEatlantic: Women in science, engineering and the trades share what they do at work.

Future Morph: Become someone – career opportunities in science and maths.

The Career Action Program: The Career Action Program through Engineers Canada has a wealth of information for students to learn more about the engineering profession. This resource provides information on what it means to be an engineer, a complete overview of the fields of engineering, a list of accredited institutions, and a detailed guide to licensure. In addition, it has an optional, fee-for-service ($160) assessment with a series of questions designed to test your aptitude for the engineering field.

DiscoverE: A website for students to explore interesting topics and career info about engineering.

TryEngineering: Explore games, articles, and information on how to become an engineer.

Nerd Girls: A growing global movement which celebrates smart-girl individuality that’s revolutionizing our future.

Career Cornerstone: Information about the field of engineering, career options, employment, earnings, etc. (this is a US-based site, but should give you a good idea about your options).

Educating Descriptions of programs of study, career options and aptitude needed for each field.